LP Logo Letters with Tattoo

Custom Logo Tattoo Designs and Ideas For You

It is a fact that the Dixie flag represents the Confederate States of America in the United States of America. The Dixie flag, the “Stars and Bars” flew from the pole of... Read more »
Discover The Phoenix Tattoo Designs You Will Love

Discover The Phoenix Tattoo Designs You Will Love

Phoenix tattoo designs are not only a symbol of rebirth, the sun rising from the ashes, but are also powerful symbols. Phoenix tattoos represent a young person’s potential. Here are some Phoenix... Read more »
Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Choose The Right Half Sleeve Tattoo For You

When most people think of a tattoo, they picture the flesh-colored or the sleeve-to-shoulder kind of design. That’s understandable since those are the most common designs. That’s all right, but before you... Read more »
Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Best Mermaid Tattoos Designs And Ideas For Girls

Seeking some beautiful tattoo designs of the mythical mysterious creatures of water? Mermaid is one of the most interesting fantasy characters from Greek mythologies and fairy tales. Since ancient times, the legends... Read more »

Dragonfly Tattoos Designs and Ideas

Looking for some astoundingly beautiful dragonfly tattoos design ideas? The fascinating looking insect is a popular choice for tattoos among youth worldwide. It is said that Dragonfly is one of the first... Read more »

20+ Rebellious Confederate Flag Tattoos Design Ideas for Women and Men

The confederate flag founds its root in the history of the American civil war when the then-president Abraham Lincoln announced the emancipation of slavery of the black and defeated the southerners. The... Read more »

50+ Absolutely Fabulous Colorful Tattoos Designs

There was a time when tattoos were only used for branding purposes. They were inked on the bodies of the humans so that their clans or tribe could be identified. However, today,... Read more »
Egyptian Tattoos

70+ Best Egyptian Tattoos for Men and Women

Egypt also called the land of pharaohs, is considered to be one of the most enigmatic and mysterious places in the world. The ancient culture of this land and the gigantic pyramid... Read more »

100+ Colorful Tattoos Designs for Men and Women

Colorful Tattoos look great on men and women. You can choose from a multitude of colors and shades to get your tattoos. Colorful tattoos grab the attention of people. Each color indicates... Read more »

50+ Best Music Tattoos Designs and Ideas

If you are a music lover then you can’t miss getting one music tattoo design imprinted on your body. It can represent your emotions and expressions. A tattoo can directly mean to... Read more »