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100+ Gorgeous Foot Tattoo Design For Girls

By | June 23, 2016

Are you planning to cover your foot with a tattoo? Here is the gorgeous foot tattoo design for you. Tattoo is also an art form and thus it allows you to be as creative as you want to be. But remember that a lot depends upon the creative skills of the tattoo artist as well.… Read More »

30+ Best Cherry Tattoo Designs Ideas For Girls

By | May 21, 2016

Cherry are succulent fruits that reminds of exotic desserts. However, this fruit is also the most popular tattoo design among women and girls. Women love to sport this tattoo on their wrists, ankles and behind the ears. Cherry is usually associated with the fertility and sexuality. The word is often used to describe the red… Read More »

55+ Beautiful Foot Tattoos Designs and Ideas For Girls

By | May 17, 2016

Making a style statement has become very important these days. From different types of attires to the most fashionable accessories, people are buying everything. People want to look better and different from the rest. Because of this, some people develop some really bizarre fashion sense. However, if you want to make a style statement and… Read More »

100+ Best Appealing Tattoos for Women

By | April 26, 2016

A recent survey shows that men find women with tattoos more attractive, smarter and peppy. And it is true to some extent, if not completely valid. Women today are more confident about what they are, about their lifestyle and their work which reflects in their fashion sense. A tattoo inexplicably adds voice to a woman’s… Read More »

70+ Stimulating Thigh Tattoos For Girls

By | April 22, 2016

One of the best places to body tattoo for girls is on their thighs. Thighs can be Beautiful , thighs can be invigorating and thighs can do wonders!! Haven’t we heard that? Yes, why not add a little flair to it by inking something stimulating and attractive? Apparently, thigh tattoos are growing in popularity among… Read More »

110 Lovely Flower Tattoo Ideas For Girls

By | March 22, 2016

Mankind has never failed to draw inspiration from the nature for artwork and flowers are no exception. Beautiful looking flowers can instantly change your mood. This is the reason why some people are so fond of gardening and growing flowers in their backyard. You may have also seen a lot of paintings and photographs inspired… Read More »

40 Stimulating Written Tattoos For Women

By | March 17, 2016

Typography doesn’t have to be confined to computer and digital graphics; typography can also be extended to other art forms, such as tattoos. So much has been said about pictures being more powerful than the words. In fact, there is an old saying which goes something like this: “Pictures speak a thousand words.” While it… Read More »

22+ Awesome Upper Back Tattoos for Women

By | March 7, 2016

Tattoos are pretty popular but there is something about the awesome upper back tattoos for women as it completely steals the show. The upper back area is a great place to flaunt the beautiful tattoos. Especially when you are dressed for a party or special occasion, it can accentuate your beauty. The most important thing… Read More »

10+ Pretty Scarification Tattoo Designs for Women

By | February 27, 2016

When the human skin is cut or burnt to create a design, the process is called scarification. The cut or burn create the wound on the part of the body and when they heal they leave a permanent mark on the body. These designs were not always accidental. In the days of the yore, people… Read More »