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40 Chest Tattoo Ideas For Men

By | March 9, 2016

Men have been wearing tattoos for the longest time known. In the days of the yore only select few would get the opportunity to flaunt the art work on their body. The tattoos were engraved to segregate men of higher rank from men of less significance. However, as the time progressed and we stepped into… Read More »

100+ Colorful Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

By | March 8, 2016

Colorful Tattoos look great on men and women. You can choose from multitude of colours and shades to get your tattoos. Colourful tattoos grabs attention of people. Each colour indicates different meaning and it can be used to design or shade in lot. You can decide which colour you want to use to outline. A… Read More »

50+ Absolutely Fabulous Colorful Tattoo Designs

By | March 5, 2016

There was a time when tattoos were only used for branding purposes. They were inked on the bodies of the humans so that their clans or tribe could be identified. However, today, the tattoos have become a style statement. You will see a lot of people wearing different types of tattoos on their bodies. There… Read More »

20+ Rebellious Confederate Flag Tattoo Design Ideas for Women and Men

By | March 2, 2016

The confederate flag founds its root in the history of the American civil war when the then president Abraham Lincoln announced the emancipation of slavery of the black and defeated the southerners. The confederate flag belonged to Southerners and thus it is usually considered as the symbol of slavery and oppression. This is the reason… Read More »

70+ Best Egyptian Tattoos for Men and Women

By | February 18, 2016

Egypt, also called the land of pharaohs, is considered to be one of the most enigmatic and mysterious places in the world. The ancient culture of this land and the gigantic pyramid attract millions of tourists and innumerable history buffs every year. There is something definitely enchanting about this place. This is the reason why… Read More »