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100+ Best Appealing Tattoos for Women

A recent survey shows that men find women with tattoos more attractive, smarter and peppy. And it is true to some extent, if not completely valid. Women today are more confident about what they are, about their lifestyle and their work which reflects in their fashion sense. A tattoo inexplicably adds voice to a woman’s… Read More »

65 Best Dove Tattoos for Men and Women

Dove tattoos have gained immense importance now- a -days and are becoming extremely popular especially among the youngsters. As a dove symbolizes a lot of aspects for different cultures and religions, these tattoos are creatively and intricately designed, indicating multifarious meanings. The design can vary from simple to complex and can be easily designed and… Read More »

55 Best American Tattoo Design and Ideas

American tattoos designs are a great way to portray your love towards your home country. It is   a significant idea to depict love and respect towards it. Many tattoos like this have always existed for the purpose of recognition. There are ample numbers of American tattoos designs and ideas available for both men and women.… Read More »

40+ Perfect Elemental Tattoo Ideas

Elements form the major component of our earth. They are found everywhere and cannot be overlooked. Well, people have known their importance and diverge in the art forms too. While tattooing can be fun, adding those small elements into the body art can remind them of their existence. Perfect elemental tattoo ideas are imprinted individually… Read More »

40 Insane Mechanics Tattoo Designs

Tattoos symbolize swag and style. These days’ tattoos come for every type of personality, situation and age. However the insane mechanics tattoo designs are awesomely punk and displays the machismo for men. They highlight the mechanical overhauls in the form of art in a man’s body. They are wild, punk and high spirited. It captivates… Read More »

45 Original Line Tattoo Designs

Tattoos look beautiful when they are small and less complicated. Tattoo fans love and appreciate the intricate and intensive painting designs. But the original line tattoo designs are loved by almost everyone. Even the artists are infatuated from the classy look of the minimal design and detailed look. The straight lines or layers of lines,… Read More »